Our first productions were made in 2017. We were on the road in Panama and Nicaragua and took pictures and interviews on cocoa plantations of German companies.

We used documentary means: hand camera, original sounds, spontaneous reactions to the events. This captures surprising moments authentically – without irritating and alienating people and locations with too much technology.

The result is convincing images, sounds and stories that do not require make-up.

Biogas systems in Nicaraugua

The Dutch NGO SNV supports farmers in Nicaragua in producing biogas from cow dung. The film shows three different applications.

Hydrogen Mobility

Everyone is talking about hydrogen as a fuel for electric mobility. But it will only become truly climate-friendly when the electricity used to produce the hydrogen is produced sustainably.

Planting trees – creating value

The Bonn-based forest investment specialist Forest Finance is reforesting forests worldwide. The company shows in its forest film that ecological and social criteria are a necessary condition for economic success.

Ritter Sport – World Cocoa Conference

In Nicaragua, Ritter Sport maintains one of the largest cocoa plantations in the world. Breeding and care follow strict sustainability criteria. The fact that the company also develops the technical equipment itself was shown by Andreas Ronken, CEO of Ritter Sport, with this film for the 2018 World Cocoa Conference.

From fine cocoa to premium chocolate

With a naturally and sustainably managed cocoa forest in Panama, Forest Finance is also represented in fine cocoa. In the Forest Finance cocoa film, founder Harry Assenmacher shows and tells how this came about and how the company also produces chocolate.

Biogas in Nicaragua short version

Let the pictures speak for themselves. Self-explanatory – without voice over – the film about the biogas plants in Nicaragua gets its very own dynamic.

RitterSport distribution video

On its El Cacao plantation, Ritter implements social and ecological responsibility. In the film for his sales team, the company also documents how the establishment of its own cocoa cultivation in eastern Nicaragua is progressing.

El Cacao in 45 seconds – water

Für seinen Nachhaltigkeits-Blog nutzt das Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsteam von Ritter Sport kurze Spots, um über einzelne Aspekte auf El Cacao zu informieren:

more Ritter 45ers on ORAB at Vimeo