authentic stories

Convincing ideas and good stories don’t need make-up. People, organisations and companies present themselves credibly if they remain unadulterated and clear. The authentic story arouses emotions, is captivating and conveys information in a way worth seeing. Even critical moments in which things don’t run perfectly show strength.
We support companies, NGOs and other stakeholders in showing what moves them and what they want to move.

A worthwhile commitment

Responsible companies who are convinced of the quality of their work know about the value of their work processes. Why not let the public participate? Social responsibility, sustainability, environmental awareness, innovation and growth are aspects that are positively perceived via traditional broadcasting channels and social networks. This makes them real arguments for lively marketing.

We tell stories

Good stories can be found everywhere – in every company, in every NGO. We bring them to light and give them a face – a face of the people who are committed to the ideas and projects on a daily basis. Stories bring company philosophy and convictions to life and say more than any marketing slogan.

We’re close.

Working in a small team creates immediate proximity and trust. Documentary camera work, situational sound clips and on-site interviews with real employees at authentic locations create an immediate impression.